National 5600 Panther Propane Ride-On

National 5600 Panther Propane Ride-On


Engine: 20 HP water cooled Kawasaki Industrial
Width: 26"
Height with seat: 46"
Length without jaw: 52"
Empty Weight: 1148 lbs.
Fully Weighted: 1663 lbs.
Removable Pocket Wt.: 432 lbs.
Removable Back Wt.: 86 lbs.
Removable Side Wt.: 100 lbs.
Front Assembly: 100 lbs.
Speed: Up to 200 feet per minute


Introducing the new propane powered ride-on removal and floor preparation machine • The ONLY machine that can be converted to complete battery operation! • The propane engine pods can be replaced with battery engine pods for a fraction of the cost of a new machine!


• Incredible removal rates
• 20 HP water-cooled, Kawasaki Industrial engine (electric start)
• Unique quick change swivel head with exclusive adjustable slide plate for maximum blade settings on all floor surfaces and material types
• Compact size allows machine to be used just about anywhere
• The lowest emissions in the industry!
• Exclusive catalytic design along with Kawasaki powered, water-cooled design provides incredibly low emissions
• Patented carbide blade technology for tough removals like ceramic, thinset and epoxy removals
• Machines are load tested for emission certification before they are shipped
• Ergonomic design for operator comfort and safety
• Adjustable foot pegs and exclusive adjustable slide plate keeps the operator correctly positioned improving comfort & safety, thus allowing operator to see what he is doing
• The largest selection of blade types in the industry, many of which are patented, however,  our machine is versatile enough to use most types of other blades
• Easily accessible fork lift cups
• Industrial hydraulic system does not need extra cooler for oil.  Eliminates dangerous creeping commonly found in hydrostats (which need regular re-adjustments). The tough pump construction almost eliminates failure due to oil contamination unlike other hydraulic systems
• Removable hood system allows easy access for maintenance


National 5600 Panther Propane Ride-On

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