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GelMaxx ECO-QUICKgel will absorb slurry solids into a safe material that can be disposed of immediately. ECO-QUICKgel meets the EPA Method 9095B paint filter test and EPA regulations for proper disposal methods. 20 grams per gallon of treated material will create a gel like substance within minutes that is safe to disposed of in any standard waste container. The construction industry is faced With the increasing regulation for slurry waste water and compliant disposal is at the top of the list. ECO-QUICKgel can reduce the liability and the cost for slurry water disposal.

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ECO_QUICKgel Technical Data Sheet



Franmar Chemical provides effective economical safe cleaning solutions all created from soybeans and natural elements. From carpet and tile remover, to marine and boating products, to soy based paint remover, Franmar has the products to get the job done right without harming the planet or your well-being.


Franmar Bean-e-Doo Mastic Remover 5 Gal Franmar Bean-e-Doo Mastic Remover makes the removal of asbestos mastic, carpet mastic, and ceramic tile mastic clean and simple. Just pour and scrape!

 Franmar Emerge 1 Gal Franmar SoyGel is an industrial strength and consumer friendly paint, urethane, epoxy and acrylic stripper made with 100% American grown soybeans. 

Franmar Emerge 2 Gal Franmar Emerge is a versatile concentrated cleaner for cleaning a multitude of hard surfaces. Clean oil, grease, dirt, and grime, from asphalt, concrete, metal, and painted walls. 

Franmar VeraSafe Franmar VeraSafe Acid Replacement is a safe organic replacement for traditional harmful acids, such as Hydrochloric, Sulfuric and Muriatic acid. 

Bean-e-Doo Mastic Remover MSDS
Bean-e-Doo Mastic Remover Tech Sheet
SoyGel Tech Sheet
Emerge MSDS
Emerge Tech Sheet
VeraSafe MSDS
VeraSafe Tech Sheet



Super-Krete S-12000 Heavy Duty Degreaser removes heavy oils, stains, dirt and greases, is completely biodegradable and will not harm surrounding foliage. Environmentally friendly, it can be used to clean both interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

Super-Krete S-12000 Heavy Duty Degreaser Data Sheet

White Mountain

White Mountain

White Mountain Efflorescence Remover  was developed to replace muriatic acid in the removal of effloresence. It should also be used to clean and brighten exposed aggregate concrete from cement film.

White Mountain Jobsite is a complete all around concrete and masonry cleaner. It is an alkaline cleaner that works exceedingly well on grease, oil, grime, food stains from concrete, tile & masonry surfaces.

White Mountain Efflorescence Remover Data Sheet
White Mountain Jobsite Data Sheet

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