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Desert Brand

Desert Brand

Desert Brand Concrete Masonry Floor Paint and Sealer CMFPS is the perfect choice for sealing concrete/masonry patios, decks and walkways. Its acrylic formula results in a low-luster, highly durable finish. CMFPS is ideal for use on new or aged concrete walking surfaces with its deep penetrating, non-yellowing, scuff resistant characteristics.

Desert Brand Paver Tile Sealer is a high performance acrylic/urethane clear sealer developed specifically for porous paver tiles and other porous masonry surfaces.

Desert Brand Top Finish is a high performance interior/exterior acrylic floor polish designed to provide exceptional resistance to scuff marks and dirt retention when applied to high traffic areas.

Desert Brand Total Sealer is a deep penetrating, non-film forming, fast acting sealer for porous paver tiles and other porous masonry and concrete surfaces.

Desert Brand Lacquer Sealer is a high-performance clear sealer manufactured specifically for porous masonry surfaces such as exposed aggregate concrete, brick, slate, Saltillo tile, manufactured stone and other various porous concrete surfaces.

Desert Brand Master Seal is a high performance clear and pigmented sealer manufactured specifically for sealing concrete and masonry patios, porches, decks, walkways and garage floors including surfaces such as exposed aggregate concrete, brick, slate, Saltillo tile and manufactured stone.

Desert Brand Master Seal WB (Water Based) Sealer is a state of the art textured acrylic–urethane latex sealer. It combines the advantages of nanotechnology with the use of polyurethane beads. Master Seal WB has low odor and is a low VOC product.

Desert Brand CMFPS Color Chart and Data Sheet
Desert Brand Paver Tile Sealer Data Sheet
Desert Brand Top Finish Data Sheet
Desert Brand Total Sealer Data Sheet
Desert Brand Lacquer Sealer Data Sheet
Desert Brand Master Seal Data Sheet
Desert Brand Master Seal WB Data Sheet



Kretus Acrylic Sealer 2600 is formulated with aliphatic polymers using fast drying solvents. Properly applied, it dries to a clear, abrasion resistant film which provides a weatherproof sealer that is resistant to the sun, moisture, industrial chemicals, oil, grease, and most caustic cleaning agents. Comes in a Gloss or Low Gloss.
Kretus Acrylic Sealer Data Sheet



Scofield Colorcure Concrete Sealer is a two-component, color-matched system that enhances the appearance of new or existing concrete.

Scofield Repello is formulated for treating fully cured, porous, interior or exterior colored, multicolored, chemically stained or uncolored concrete where invisible protection from staining is required.

Scofield Selectseal-W is a highly durable, one-component, clear, acrylic-polyurethane sealer for use on new or existing concrete and cementitious toppings to improve resistance to staining, abrasion and the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Scofield Colorcure Spec
Scofield Repello Spec
Scofield Selectseal Spec



Super-Krete S-8200 Top Sealer is a non-toxic surface sealer that provides a highly effective protection to stucco, rockscapes, brick and sandstone surfaces. 

Super-Krete S-8600 Clear Seal Plus is a penetrating acrylic/urethane sealer taht is waterbased and brings a semi-gloss finish with durable protection to old and new surfaces. Good for high foot traffic areas.

Super-Krete S-8700 Interior Floor Finish Wax is an interior polish deisnged to provide extreme durability over sealed interior floors, thereby reducing maintenance cycyles. Provides a rich gloss, non-yellowing film which resists spoling and black a high 

Super-Krete S-8200 Top Sealer Data Sheet
Super-Krete S-8600 Clear Seal Plus Data Sheet
Super-Krete S-8700 Interior Floor Finish Wax Data Sheet

White Mountain

White Mountain

White Mountain Crystal Seal is the latest in water base ultra violet resistant acrylic microemulsion technology for concrete and masonry surface protection.

White Mountain Seal-Lock utilizes the latest water based micro-emulsion technology to create the ultimate concrete interlocking paver sealer and joint sand stabilizer.

White Mountain Ultrapel  is an aqueous copolymer chemically reactive dispersion that provides a durable, transparent protective barrier against oil and water on concrete and other porous masonry or mineral surfaces.

White Mountain Wet Look SC complies with all 2006 VOC regulations. This product creates a deep penetrating barrier coating to protect and beautify cocnrete and masonry.

White Mountain Invisoseal is a penetrating sealer, designed to impart water repellency and reduce water absorption to a wide variety of porous surfaces.

White Mountain Crystal Seal Data Sheet
White Mountain Seal Lock Data Sheet
White Mountain Ultrapel Data Sheet
White Mountain Wet Look SC Data Sheet
White Mountain Invisoseal Data Sheet

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