Desert Brand

Desert Brand

Desert Crete Decking System is a fire-retardant walking deck and roof covering system. When installed as specified, the system may be used as a walking surface for most types of exterior floors, decks and stairs that are common within buildings.

Desert Crete Decking System



ProSpec B-6000 Waterproof/Crack Isolation Membrane is a new advanced latex polymer based technology used as a waterproofing membrane underlayment or as part of a crack isolation system.

ProSpec B-6000 Waterproof/Crack Isolation Membrane Data Sheet



Super-Krete Pene-Krete S-1300 is a non-hazardous penetrating sealer for all concrete and masonry substrates. Reduces moisture vapor transmission to eliminate delamination over time. Protects surfaces from freeze/thaw damage, reduces concrete dusting, and increases coating life by as much as 300%.

Super-Krete Pene-Krete Additive S-1400 is a non-hazardous additive for new concrete pours. Mixed with any Portland-cement based product, it will densify the substrate, increase its structural strength, encapsulate and expel exvess alkali, lime and other contaminants and provide waterproofing and resistance to freeze/thaw damage.

Super-Krete Liquid Concentrate S-1100 is a co-polymer to be mixed with sand and cement to level, regarde and resurface. Incredible adhesion, strength and flexibility.

Super-Krete Pene-Krete S-1300 Data Sheet
Super-Krete Pene-Krete Additive S-1400 Data Sheet
Super-Krete Liquid Concentrate S-1100 Data Sheet

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