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Desert Brand

Desert Brand

Desert Crete Texture/Overlay System is designed to repair driveways, patios, pool decks, entryways and walkways and provide a hard wearing, attractive finish.

Desert Crete Texture / Overlay System



ProSpec Feather Edge is a premium, polymer modified, rapid setting, trowelable underlayment that results in a very smooth, ultra thin finish applied over a wide array of subfloors.

ProSpec Level Set Deep Pour 3 Underlayment is an eco-friendly calcium aluminate cement based, single component, non-shrink, fast setting, self-leveling underlayment that provides a flat, smooth, furable surface up to 3 inches in depth in one lift or the installation of floor finishes.

ProSpec Level Set 100 Underlayment is a polymer modified, portland cement based, self-leveling underlayment. For interior use only.

ProSpec Level Set 200 Underlayment is a calcium aluminate cement, non-gypsum based self-leveling underlayment that provides a flat, smooth, furable surface for the installation of floor coverings. For interior use only.

ProSpec Level Set 300 Underlayment is a premium, calcium aluminate cement, non-gypsum based, self-leveling underlayment that provides a flat, smooth, durable surface with minimum installation time and cost. For interior use only.

ProSpec Level Set Wear Topping is a premium, calcium aluminate cement-based, high strenth, abrasion-resistant, self-leveling wear surface for stains, sealers and coatings. For interior use only.

ProSpec Trowel Grade Underlayment is a sanded polymer modified cement based floor underlayment for interior floor repair applications.

ProSpec Permaflex 500 portland cement based mortar containing a unique dispersible powdered polymer which provides high bond strength, impact strength and extended open time over ordinary sanded thin set mortars. It is specifically designed for bonding ceramic tile and natural stone to difficult to bond substrates such as exterior grade plywood.

ProSpec Mix 240 AE is an air entrained super plasticized high performance (ready mix) concrete mix with corrosion inhibitor.

ProSpec Blendcrete one component, polymer modified, cement based concrete and masonry patching compound.

ProSpec Level Set LW-60 Underlayment is a premium lightweight Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) non-gypsum based, single component underlayment that provides a flat, smooth, durable floor without the weight of a normal portland cement or gypsum underlayment.

ProSpec Feather Edge Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set Deep Pour 3 Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set 100 Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set 200 Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set 300 Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set Wear Topping Data Sheet
ProSpec Trowel Grade Underlayment Data Sheet
ProSpec Permaflex 500 Data Sheet
ProSpec Mix 240AE Data Sheet
ProSpec Blendcrete Data Sheet
ProSpec Level Set LW-60 Data Sheet

Rapid Set

Rapid Set

Rapid Set Skim Coat is a high bond strength, fast curing, smooth (unsanded), hydraulic cement based material used for floor underlayments, concrete repairs, patching and skim coating on interior and exterior projects.

Rapid Set TRU is for high performance floor topping, underlayment and resurfacing projects. TRU Self-Leveling is ideal for projects that need long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength. TRU Self-Leveling cures to a light off-white color ideal for stained, dyed, or integrally colored floors and decorative embedded aggregate flooring. TRU also grinds and polishes well, making it ideal for polished decorative floors.

Rapid Set Skim Coat Data Sheet
Rapid Set TRU Data Sheet

Scofield Systems

Scofield Systems

Scofield Texturetop Stamp Grade provides a durable topping for use where imprinting with stamping tools or embossing with texturing tools is desired.

Scofield Texturetop Stencil Grade provides a durable topping for use where stenciling, embossing, texturing or chemical staining of the surface is desired.

Scofield Texturetop Trowel & Spray Grade provides a fresh surface for concrete where coloring or chemical staining is desired to improve the appearance.

Scofield Texturetop Stamp Spec
Scofield Texturetop Stencil Spec
Scofield Texturetop Trowel Spec



Super-Krete Bond-Kote S-9300 is a concrete repair and resurfacing product. Just add water and apply as a thin-set overlayment with a Super-Krete squeegee to repair, retore and strengthen concrete surfaces.

Super-Krete Micro-Bond S-9304 is made for micro-topping. It is a cementitious product that contains an ultra fine powder and no sand to create a smoother finish. It can be used for repairing and resurfacing concrete interior floors, countertops, walls, fireplaces and decorative art surfaces. 

Super-Krete Pool Texture S-9400 is a mixture of specially modified aggregates that can be used to create a spray/knockdown texture that blends aesthetic appeal with added slip-resistance.

Super-Krete Underlayment S-7000 is a ready-mix product for use in Super-Krete's Class "A" Fire Rated Waterproof Deck System. It is also perfect for building up low areas in concrete.

Super-Krete Bond-Kote S-9300 Data Sheet
Super-Krete Micro-Bond S-9304 Data Sheet
Super-Krete Pool Texture S-9400 Data Sheet
Super-Krete Underlayment S-7000 Data Sheet

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