Construction Grouts


ProSpec Comercial Anchor Grout is a polymer modified portland cement based anchoring grout.

ProSpec High Strength Precision Grout specially formulated, ready to use, high strength, flowable precision grout.

ProSpec C-1107 Construction Grout is a high strength, nonmetallic, cementitious structural grout.

ProSpec Slab Dowel Grout is a non-shrink high compressive strength, non-metallic grout used for placing prefabricated concrete pavements and typical structural grouting applications.

ProSpec Precast Mortar Grout is fast setting, nonshrink, single component, cementitious mortar grout formulated for precast repairs and erections.

ProSpec Bedding Grout is a non-shrink high compressive strength, non-metallic grout used for placing prefabricated concrete pavements.

ProSpec Acrylic Additive is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion specifically designed as an admixture for cement-based products.

ProSpec B-730 Mortar Additive is an acrylic polymer emulsion developed to enhance the properties of ProSpec Non-Polymer Modified Thin Set Mortars. B-730 Mortar Additive improves workability, extends open time, increases bond strength, improves flexibility, adhesion, impact strength and freeze thaw resistance.

ProSpec Commercial Anchor Cement Data Sheet
ProSpec High Strength Precision Grout Data Sheet
ProSpec C-1107 Construction Grout Data Sheet
ProSpec Slab Dowel Grout Data Sheet
ProSpec Precast Mortar Grout Data Sheet
ProSpec Bedding Grout Data Sheet
ProSpec Acrylic Additive Data Sheet
ProSpec B-730 Mortar Additive Data Sheet

Rapid Set

Rapid Set

Rapid Set Cement All produces a workable, high quality repair material that is ideal where rapid strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage are desired. Cement All is a multipurpose product that can be used for general concrete repair, doweling and anchoring, industrial grouting, formed work, airport projects, and highway repair.

Rapid Set Cement All Data Sheet

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