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American Decorative

American Decorative

Dye N Seal is for professional decorative concrete installers. The product was formulated using extremely fine molecules of color designed to penetrate and color most interior concrete surfaces. Dye N Seal can be used as a stand alone color application on concrete or can be used as a base coat prior to acid staining concrete in order to add color to problem areas that will not react to acid stain.

Sure Lock is a concrete dye concentrate for interior use. It is especially designed for diamond polished concrete. 

Color Juice 3D is a concrete color system designed to color and densify in one step. It is made from mixing Color Juice 3D Color Part B with Color Juice 3D Hardener Part A to make the Ready-to-use formula. It provides durable color by bonding through silicate hardeners, is not hazardous, and eliminates wait times that you would see with other stains.

Dye N Seal Color Chart
Dye N Seal Data Sheet
Sure Lock Color Chart
Sure Lock Data Sheet
Color Juice 3D Color Chart
Color Juice Data Sheet

Endurable Concrete Stain

Endurable Concrete Stain

Endurable Sealer is a specially formulated non-reactive semi-transparent stain that will penetrate and color most porous surfaces. It can be mixed in water, acetone, or denatured alcohol. It is a low VOC product with no odor and cutting edge technology to bring you the smallest particle size available in a concrete stain to allow the greatest penetration.

Endurable Concrete Stain Technical Data Sheet
Endurable Color Stain Color Chart

Scofield Systems

Scofield Systems

Scofield Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate is designed for use on ground and polished, as well as other colored or uncolored interior architectural concrete installations.

Scofield Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate Data Sheet



Super-Krete S-5000 Concrete Dye is mixed with acetone or specific Super-Krete solvent-based sealers to create a decorative, colored effect. Allows for staining and sealing in the same day. For use on interior concrete and polished concrete floors.

Super-Krete S-9500 Color Stain is a water-based, penetrating, non-acidic, acrylic/urethane emulsion creates a natural look on new and existing surfaces. Durable and protective, it can be brushed, sprayed or sponged on to create even, mottled or marbleized effects. 

Super-Krete S-5000 Concrete Dye Data Sheet
Super-Krete S-9500 Color Stain Data Sheet

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