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Dye n Seal dye can be used as a stand alone color application on concrete or can be used as a base coat prior to acid staining concrete in order to add color to problem areas that will not react to acid stain. 

Color Juice offers 12 translucent UV stable water-based colors designed for exterior and interior concrete. ColorJuice hardens, dustproofs, and colors.  ColorJuice is ideal for residential and commercial broom finished concrete porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks and pool decks.

ColorJuice Sprayable Water-Based Sealer is a Low-VOC, fast drying water-based sealer designed to protect and beautify decorative concrete.

Sure Lock dye is a concrete dye concentrate for interior use, especially designed for diamond-polished concrete. Dye concentrate may be diluted in SureLock Densifier, acetone, or water.

Sure Lock Stain Protector Adds stain repellance, color protection, and and color enhancement to diamond-polished concrete.

Dye n Seal Color Chart
Dye n Seal Data Sheet
Color Juice Color Chart
Color Juice Data Sheet
Color Juice Sealer Data Sheet
Sure Lock Color Chart
Sure Lock Data Sheet
Sure Lock Stain Protector Data Sheet

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